Paper and board production is a cost and resource intense process. We help to detect potential for cost savings and optimization. Innovative engineering support, review and analysis of machine- and building related ventilation systems, project definition and investment management are part of our scope. Find here below an excerpt of examples:


Engineering concepts developed over four decades to increase the efficiency of the dryer section in paper and board mills! We conducted process measurement and dryer section studies of numerous paper and board machines over the past 15 years. Most of the developed action plans have led to improved energy efficiency, including other benefits such as higher capacity, better control of drying, and better control in breakdown situations.

Process Air System Technology and Sheet Stabilizing

High-speed paper machines depend on effective sheet control equipment and dryer fabrics to improve sheet runability and paper properties. A combination of sheet stabilizing and evaporation technologies creates efficient and cost-effective drying and runability.

Wet End Air Management

Properly designed wet end ventilation systems guarantee good working conditions and protect the integrity of machine hall. The wet end exhaust system exhausts hot moisture-laden air directly from several sources. 

Heat Recovery / Energy Saving Solutions

Providing custom engineered systems to effectively recuperate energy and reduce emissions. Multi-stage recovery technology to fully utilize the waste energy after being best combined with mill energy users while considering environment and process requirements.


An adequate building ventilation system is an essential part of a mill’s strategy for its assets’ long-term reliability, with serious consequences when ignored. Exhaust and make-up air systems are required to replace air removed as part of the process and prevent fog and condensation. Key is to prevent uncontrolled air infiltration, proper air distribution to displace heat and vapour! The system must provide “controlled” environment for papermaking, personnel, and preservation of the building which includes containment and removal of:

  • Water vapour
  • Heat
  • Dust

 Consequences when ignored:

  • Mist
  • Stratified flows
  • Condensation
  • Structural failure

Image source: ANDRITZ AG