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Tissue – Paper and Board – Pulp – Biomass – Nonwoven

Everything GITEC does and does well is aimed at improving sustainability in the relevant processes. This requires experience and passion. The individual experts bring these prerequisites in their fields and "GITEC connects this experience".

Our core business is consulting and process analysis in tissue production, from incoming raw material (pulp, recovered paper, wood-free fibers) to finishing and logistics. GITEC can provide expert knowledge for all process stages. Since tissue production, like any other paper production, is resource-intensive, energy, water and fiber consumption are naturally the focus of our work, in addition to quality-related tasks. .  

During their decades of work in the process industry, some of our experts have also been able to acquire an extraordinarily extensive knowledge in related industries, especially in the drying of fibers and minerals, and have thus been able to make use of many analogies in drying. We make this knowledge in the drying of paper, pulp, nonwoven, biomass, and mineral materials available to our customers..