• Welcome

    At GITEC the customer is the center of our attention. As experts for paper production of all kinds, we focus on process analysis, project
    implementaiton, investment consulting and interim management.

  • Experience

    The future needs the past. Because we all know where we come from, where we have gained our experience, we understand our
    customers and can support them as a solution-oriented and reliable partner to shape their future.

  • Passion

    We combine our customer knowledge with the passion and experience of our team on the task, creating synergies and future-oriented

  • Sustainability

    Together with our customers, we focus on the careful use of fiber, energy and water resources and a reduction in emissions to air, water
    and noise.

  • Innovation

    To generate competitive advantages, innovation is a must. Innovation can only take place with and at the customer. Co-creativity is the key
    to success.


GITEC would like to support tissue producers along the value chain through process analysis, identification of weak areas and bottlenecks,
as well as suggestions for improvement: from small changes to new investments, always in direct and close customer coordination.



In additon to our core area of „tissue“ we have decades of experience in drying paper, pulp, nonwovens, biomass and sludge. Often the
processes in this areas are very similar, and experiences from one process can be applied to others.



We are at your side with passion, experience and expertise: from process analysis, improvement proposals, investment calculations, project implementation and project management as well as interim management. We look forward to working with you for innovative cost-reducing and sustainable solutions.